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Stephanie Brown - Batgirl App

Name & DW Journal: Herc & [personal profile] white_tiger
Birthdate & Age: 06/18/1981 & 31
Characters played in Zodion: First time

Name: Stephanie Brown
Canon: DC Comics
Info links:
Canon Point: Post-Batgirl series Pre-New 52/Batgirl's appearance in Batman Incorporated: Levianthan Strikes! #1 which is also pre-New 52
Gender & Sex: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate/Sign: June 3rd (Her birthday is not canon, but brief descriptions of this particular sign are 'adaptable, flirtatious, communication, charming, entertaining and curiosity.' Stephanie has demonstrated these traits quite often.)/Gemini
Tattoo: Gemini Zodiac sign (Not too big, but the top would be visible beneath a shirt; the tattoo itself is below her neck, at the middle area of her back where you can reach with your hand.)
Power: Like Batman or anyone from the Batfamily, Stephanie has no powers. She could be granted the power to use the air around her to create a force field. At first Stephanie will only be able to protect herself but as she grows accustomed to her powers, she'll be able to expand the force field to protect nearby people or targets. At her peak, she'll use the force field itself as an offensive attack that will collide against enemies much like a wall.

Personality: Stephanie has always shown a determination to prove herself worthy as a hero - even though she initially wanted to bring down her father and called herself the Spoiler with the intent to 'Spoil' her father's plans. Afterward, she decided to continue being a hero regardless of what Batman or anyone else said. Anytime she crossed paths with the Boy Wonder, known then as Tim Drake, she always took a spare moment to flirt with him. As she continued to see Robin, Stephanie learned that doing the right thing may not be what you wanted, and that sometimes it was the hard way but it had to be done. She adapted it as part of her own style as the years went on.

Unfortunately, she was also aggressive and impetuous, having a tendency to leap into action headfirst without coming up with a plan. She got jealous at the thought of Tim possibly seeing anyone else, and she cut off ties with him at least two times but they always reconciled afterward.

When Stephanie's 'death' was faked by Leslie Thompkins, she lived in Africa for a time; she didn't fully pick up the language but she did manage to learn how to say the names of animals in Swahili. Plus, everyone picked up on her kindness. Back in Gotham, she showed that her time away had done good and she saw the world in a more positive outlook, but was growing concerned for Tim and his own changes. Now, she's greatly matured and though she still jumps headfirst into situations she makes sure to be more careful when doing so. She herself has stated that she has 'a can-do, devil-may-care, Pollyanna...unsinkable...' and ends with a quip about not always hitting the mark when you shoot from the hip.

"Zodion" First-Person Network Entry: (Stephanie's face appears on the screen, the blonde having arrived about two weeks or so and her face is slightly flushed. Concern is shown in her eyes, but her face doesn't display it. Instead, it's calm and focused.)

So...from one resident to another: it's normal to have dreams about strange beings whispering to you, telling you things that you only remember flashes of the next morning after a couple weeks - right? Please say I'm not the only one...!

Maybe I shouldn't have had that last waffle before bed, but if I left it any longer I couid use it to replace a missing Bataaaaa-a missing piece of bacon!

(That's NOT your head voice, Steph! Sure, secret IDs don't mean much here but still.)

"Zodionlogs" Third-Person Prose Entry: Stephanie stared in disbelief upon realizing that she wasn't in Gotham anymore, especially since she'd just taken flight not too long ago with Barbara looking on, and she certainly wasn't in London helping Batman wrap up a case concerning a private school for girls! After a moment of mentally freaking out - 'OMG!' - she relaxed while ignoring the sharp pain at the small of her back just below her neck. She could reach it with her hand but first…

'Rule 1: Planning and Preparation.'

Stephanie looked around cautiously before finding a stone podium with an envelope with her name on it; she opened it without a moment's thought before reading it. Her eyes widened a few seconds about 3-4 sentences into the letter.

'Saving the cosmos' isn't my thing, it's a Batman-Justice League or Red Robin/Teen Titans thing! And my 'kind heart and Pollyanna-style' can help save Zodion?' she thought while removing enough of her costume to stare at her back in a nearby mirror, and at that moment the pain dissipated. She couldn't help but make a random remark once seeing her tattoo.

"Mom's gonna kill me if I have THIS on my back when I go home!" with APPLICATION: CHARACTER NAME (CANON)